The drone system for maritime professionals.

Maritime situational awareness and mapping objects at sea has never been more efficient.

Drone aircraft for maritime applications

Shearwater™ drones operate from vessels of any size to help maritime professionals perform their job more efficiently.

Autonomous takeoff and landing from moving vessels at sea.

Minimal installed hardware.

Deployed in minutes.

Live HD imagery, object detection and track, option for thermal imaging.

Precision Landing on Moving Platforms

Planck Aero’s technology makes it possible to operate autonomously from moving platforms, including precision landing, without the need for dedicated personnel or extensive installed hardware. The sensor-guided flight not only accounts for forward motion of a vessel, but also roll, pitch, heave, and wind effects. Now, this capability is available to marine and maritime operators who need aerial support to perform their jobs more efficiently.  

Precision landing can be integrated into a wide range of drones, enabling them to operate from boats of virtually any size, without interfering with normal workflow.

Furthermore, fully autonomous operations can be integrated seamlessly with existing maritime interfaces and data visualization tools.

Contact us to learn more about how your fleet of drones can land precisely, even from moving vessels at sea. 


Do you already have a fleet of aircraft that you want to automate for maritime applications? We can integrate Shearwater software into other flight platforms, including complete test, support and training. If you have a special mission, we will help you accomplish it.