Planck Aerosystems is the world’s first autonomous drone company to focus on use cases operating from moving vehicles. Our specialized drone systems and intelligent computer vision software provide a safer, faster, and more efficient way to perform real-time situational awareness, inspection, and object detection tasks from moving vehicles, such as work boats and trucks. We work with government agencies and high value industrial maritime operators to deliver unprecedented aerial data collection capabilities.


Planck Aero has a diverse team to tackle tough problems, including experts in shipboard aviation, UAV controls, autonomous systems, robotics, computer vision algorithms, and maritime operations.

Josh WellsFounder & CEO

Josh is a former navy helicopter pilot who led the effort to safely integrate unmanned systems into aircraft carrier strike groups. He earned a BS from the US Naval Academy and MS in Product Development from USC Viterbi. He is a board member of the The Maritime Alliance.

Gaemus Collins, Ph.D.Founder & CTO

Gaemus is an expert in the development of control and computer vision algorithms. He earned a PhD in Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara.

Dave TwiningFounder & COO

Dave Twining leverages his background of systems engineering for high reliability, low size, weight, and power systems that operate in harsh environments.

Allan Matthew R&D Manager

Allan is the Research and Development Manager at Planck Aerosystems. Previously, Allan worked as a Senior R&D Engineer for in the consumer drone space, where he focused on embedded Linux, video transmission, and radio systems. He also worked in the consumer electronics, renewable energy, and maritime industries. Allan received a B.S. and M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington.

Tim McLainTechnical Advisory Board Member & BYU Professor

Professor Tim McLain is an authority on small unmanned aircraft systems and a trusted technical advisor to Planck Aerosystems.

Luc LenainTechnical Advisory Board Member & Scripps Institution of Oceanography Air-Sea Lab

Luc Lenain is an expert on unmanned and manned instrument platforms in the maritime environment.


Planck Aerosystems is located in San Diego, the ideal crossroads of maritime industries and drone innovation. With great access to talent, customers, and the ocean, there is no better place to be. With the best weather in the United States and our test boat just a few miles from the main office, our engineers get ample time on the water as well.

It started with Josh Wells in a garage in 2014. After over a decade of naval aviation, Josh knew the value of an aerial perspective over the ocean. Planck Aero now employs talented engineers in its main East Village office, which includes indoor flight test areas, ship deck simulators, and full R&D drone lab.